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Welcome to Sahva

Sahva operates shops and clinics in more than 30 cities throughout Denmark.

Sahva Clinic

Sahva’s clinics employ prosthetists, orthopaedic shoemakers, physiotherapists, podiatrists and clinical consultants.

Sahva’s experts manufacture individual aids and footwear for a diverse range of people and challenges. These challenges range from people who had their leg amputated or their breast removed, and need prostheses, to children with congenital disabilities, sports injuries, problems with back and joints or other conditions which require relief or support of body and feet.

Sahva Shop

In Sahva’s shops you will find professional guidance for body aids as well as orthopaedic shoes, foot supports, smaller bandages, breast prostheses, compression stockings, training equipment and a host of other products to benefit your body, back and feet.

We look forward to helping you.

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